services offered:


01. Strategic Direction sessions

If you need help with your marketing, weather it's your website concept, social media messaging or even starting to create your visual language, I'm here to help.

Strategy sessions are the first step towards improving your knowledge around all things brand related. All sessions will be lead by me, Christine Meintjes. The sessions will either be in person (my office in Stellenbosch) or over Skype or Facetime and paid for per hour. Depending on your needs, we usually recommend 2-5 sessions to start with. Sessions start at R2000 for the first session, thereafter R1500 per hour.


Sessions offered:

Create A Visual Language For Your Business

Create A Social Media Strategy For Your Business

Create A Marketing Plan For Your Business

Developing A Content Plan For Your Business

Small Business Workflow
(An intro to apps that will change your life)

Content Concepts For Campaigns

Create A PR Plan For Your Business


Want to improve your marketing, but need help.
Just brief me and I'll get it done. These services include:


02. Audits:

Social Media Audit

Website Audit

Workflow Audit


03. Content Creation:

MoodBoard Creation

Once Off Shoot

Monthly Content Creation For Brands

Campaign Concept + Content Creation


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